Members of the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers (NASDAL)

NASDAL is a national organisation with around 50 members spread thoughout the UK. Its aim is to provide the dental profession with a reliable source of up-to-date specialist advice. Its accountants and lawyers seek to promote high standards by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Collectively the members of NASDAL work for approximately one fifth of UK dentists in practice.

We have been members of the Association for over 15 years. Senior staff from the Morris Crocker dental team attend regular NASDAL meetings and online forums to discuss the latest financial and legal issues of concern to dentists. The information gleaned from these discussions is often used to help clients resolve their own issues.

Benchmarking Statistics and Goodwill Surveys

Using the information collected annually by NASDAL from its members we are able to benchmark the profit and loss accounts of dentists in practice. We can use this information to help you benchmark your own business performance. Similarly, the Association gathers quarterly goodwill data of practices that have been sold or acquired by its members clients across the UK. This data is used to give an indication of up-to-date goodwill values for NHS, private and mixed practices.

Nasdal member

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